Android Multi Tool v1.2.7.3 New Version 2024

Android Multi Tool v1.2.7.3 New Version 2024, Android Multi Tool v1.2.7.3

Android Multi Tool v1.2.7.3 New Version


Android Multi Tool, developed by Gautam Kumar, is a versatile tool designed to bypass security locks on Android devices, with a focus on the OPPO A3S. This version offers functionalities such as bypassing FRP (Factory Reset Protection), pattern locks, and PIN locks with a single click. It is notable for being the first tool to provide support for these specific bypass operations on the OPPO A3S.

Android Multi Tool v1.2.7.3 New Version 2024

NameAndroid Multi Tool
OwnerAndroid Multi Tool v1.2.7.3
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General Overview of Android Multi Tool:

Android Multi Tool is a versatile software utility used primarily for various maintenance and unlocking tasks on Android devices. Common features include:
  • Unlocking the bootloader.
  • Bypassing FRP (Factory Reset Protection) locks.
  • Performing hard resets.
  • Removing pattern/PIN/password locks.
  • Flashing firmware and custom ROMs.
Update Highlights:

Compatibility: Enhanced compatibility ensures broader support for devices with the Snapdragon 450 processor.

Credit Usage: Clarification on the credit usage for operations with supported devices, emphasizing the tool's cost structure for specific tasks.

Implications for Users:

For users, especially technicians and enthusiasts working with Oppo and Realme devices, this update means they can now use Android Multi Tool for:
  • Managing and servicing Oppo A3S phones.
  • Performing various unlock and reset operations efficiently.
  • Benefiting from expanded support for a wider range of devices with the SDM450 chipset.
Supported Models:

Android Multi Tool v1.2.7.3 supports the following devices, allowing users to perform various operations such as resetting, unlocking, and removing patterns or passwords:
  • OPPO A3s (both models): A budget-friendly smartphone known for its large battery and dual-camera setup.
  • OPPO A7: A mid-range device featuring a waterdrop notch display and a large battery.
  • OPPO A5: Known for its big battery and dual-camera system.
  • OPPO A12e: A budget device with a focus on large display and battery life.
  • OPPO R15 Neo: A mid-range smartphone with a focus on display quality and camera performance.
  • Realme 2: An affordable smartphone with a notched display and decent performance.
  • Realme C1: An entry-level smartphone aimed at providing good value for money with its large display and battery.

Using Android Multi Tool v1.2.7.3

The Android Multi Tool offers functionalities such as:
  • Resetting the device to factory settings.
  • Removing patterns, PINs, and passwords.
  • Wiping data and cache.
  • Rebooting the device into different modes (e.g., recovery mode, bootloader mode).

How to Use Android Multi Tool v1.2.7.3

Download and Install: Download Android Multi Tool v1.2.7.3 from a trusted source and install it on your computer.
Enable USB Debugging: On your Android device, enable USB Debugging from Developer Options. To do this:
  • Go to Settings > About Phone.
  • Tap on Build Number multiple times until Developer Options are enabled.
  • Go to Developer Options and enable USB Debugging.
Connect Device to PC: Use a USB cable to connect your Android device to your computer.
Launch Android Multi Tool: Open the Android Multi Tool application on your computer.
Select Desired Option: Use the options provided in the tool to perform the desired action on your device (e.g., reset device, remove pattern).


Android Multi Tool v1.2.7.3 is a powerful utility designed to simplify maintenance and unlocking tasks on Android devices, particularly for OPPO and Realme models. With its enhanced compatibility for devices with the Snapdragon 450 processor and a straightforward user interface, it provides an efficient solution for technicians and enthusiasts. By following the outlined steps, users can easily perform various operations such as bypassing security locks, performing factory resets, and managing device firmware. This tool not only supports a wide range of models but also underscores the importance of having reliable software for Android device management.

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