Mr. Tool ADB V4.0.2 Latest Update 2024

Mr. Tool ADB V4.0.2 Latest Update 2024,ADB tool free download

Mr. Tool ADB V4.0.2 Latest Update 2024

Mr. Tool ADB V4.0.2 is a comprehensive utility software tailored for Windows computers, providing users with a powerful interface to execute a wide range of actions on Android devices using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) commands. This versatile tool is designed to simplify and enhance the user experience, making it easier to manage, control, and troubleshoot Android devices directly from a Windows PC. Below are some of the key features and operations supported by Mr. Tool ADB V4.0.2:

Mr. Tool ADB V4.0.2 Latest Update 2024

Basic ADB Commands:

  • ADB Shell: Open a command shell on the device.
  • Reboot: Reboot the Android device.
  • Reboot to Bootloader: Reboot the device into bootloader mode.
  • Reboot to Recovery: Reboot the device into recovery mode.
  • Fastboot Commands: Interact with the device in fastboot mode.

File Operations:

  • Push Files: Transfer files from the computer to the Android device.
  • Pull Files: Transfer files from the Android device to the computer.
  • Install APK: Install APK files on the Android device.
  • Uninstall Apps: Remove applications from the Android device.

Device Management:

  • Device Info: Retrieve detailed information about the connected device.
  • List Devices: Show a list of all connected devices.
  • Take Screenshot: Capture a screenshot of the Android device’s screen.
  • Screen Record: Record the screen activity of the Android device.

Advanced Features:

  • Logcat: Capture system logs from the Android device.
  • Wipe Data/Factory Reset: Perform a factory reset on the device.
  • ADB Over Wi-Fi: Enable ADB connections over Wi-Fi.

This tool simplifies the process of interacting with Android devices by providing a user-friendly interface for executing common ADB commands, making it accessible to users who may not be comfortable using the command line.

Additional Features:

  • Unlock
  • Kill Updates
  • Samsung: Disable updates for all Samsung versions.
  • Xiaomi: Disable updates for all Xiaomi versions.
  • Unlock Padlock: Remove padlock from Claro/Telcell.
  • MDM Super Bypass: Support for all models with two bypass methods (MDM Super Bypass 1 and 2).
  • PayJoy Motorola: Bypass PayJoy on Motorola devices.
Install and Uninstall APK Files:
  • Install APK: Ensure correct installation of files with the .apk extension.
  • Uninstall Applications: Uninstall applications using the package name.
APP Control:
  • List Enabled Apps: List all enabled apps via package name.
  • Disable App: Disable apps using the package name.
  • Enable App: Enable apps via package name.
  • List Disabled Apps: List all disabled apps via package name.

  • Slot Management: Set Slot A and Slot B for Xiaomi devices.
  • System Fixes
  • Fix "System Destroyed" issues
  • FRP Unlock: Unlock FRP (Factory Reset Protection) keys.
Xiaomi RSA Helper
  • Model Support: Support for many models with images for easier identification.
  • Utility
  • IMEI Generator: Generate IMEI numbers and provide a website for verification.
Cherrys (Special Thanks): Acknowledgments to collaborators:
  • Valverde Repair
  • ServiMarcos
  • RJ Tronics
  • MSGID Unlock
  • SamFix GSM
  • Servicell Cajamarca

These added features enhance the functionality of the tool, providing comprehensive support for various device management tasks and system fixes across different Android models and versions.

NameMr. Tool ADB
Version V4.0.2
OwnerMr. Tool ADB
WelcomeGSM Crack Guru

MDM Super Bypass Instructions:

To perform MDM Super Bypass using methods 1 and 2, follow these steps:

  1. Delete all Google accounts if accessible through the device menu.
  2. Perform a factory reset from recovery mode.
  3. Boot the device into Safe Mode from recovery.
  4. Enable ADB (Android Debug Bridge).
  5. Click the "MDM Super Bypass" button to initiate the bypass process.


Mr. Tool ADB V4.0.2 stands out as an indispensable utility for anyone looking to manage and manipulate Android devices through their Windows computer efficiently. By leveraging the power of ADB commands, this tool offers a robust set of features that streamline various tasks, from basic device management to advanced debugging and development operations. Whether you're a developer, technician, or an Android enthusiast, Mr. Tool ADB V4.0.2 provides the functionality and ease-of-use required to handle your Android devices with precision and confidence.

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