Oxygen Forensic Software V16.3.0.135 Latest 2024

Oxygen Forensic Software V16.3.0.135, Oxygen Forensic Software V16.3.0.135 Latest 2024

Oxygen Forensic Software V16.3.0.135


Oxygen Forensic software is a comprehensive suite of tools designed for mobile device and cloud data extraction and analysis, playing a crucial role in digital forensics investigations. Developed by Oxygen Forensics, this software is extensively used by law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and corporate security professionals to efficiently gather, analyze, and present data from mobile devices, applications, and cloud services.

Oxygen Forensic Software V16.3.0.135 Latest 2024

Info Details
Name Oxygen Forensic Software
Version V16.3.0.135
Prices Free
Support Windows
Owner Oxygen Forensic Software
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  • Data Extraction: Supports a wide range of mobile devices and operating systems, including iOS, Android, and others. It can extract data even from locked, encrypted, or damaged devices.
  • Cloud Data Access: Capable of extracting data from various cloud services and accounts using credentials, tokens, or through physical device acquisition.
  • Application Analysis: Retrieves and analyzes data from numerous mobile applications, including messaging apps, social networks, and email clients.
  • Reporting and Analysis Tools: Provides detailed reports and visualizations to help investigators analyze and interpret the extracted data effectively.
  • Password Bypass and Decryption: Offers tools for bypassing passwords and decrypting data from secured devices and applications.

Malware Scanning

  • New Feature: Ability to scan extracted files for malware, enhancing security and integrity during the extraction process.

Oxygen Forensic® Device Extractor

Android Devices:
  • Extraction and decryption of hardware keys and physical dumps for devices with SDM665, SDM675, SDM730, and SDM855 chipsets.
  • Support for MTK-based and UNISOC-based Omix and Reeder devices, as well as MT6750 and MT6855 chipsets running Android 10 and higher.

iOS Devices:

  • Extraction of full file system and keychain from iPhone and iPad models running up to iOS 16.6.1 and 15.8.2.
  • Improved extraction methods avoiding Recovery mode during checkm8 extraction and new DFU mode instructions.
  • Enhanced extraction capabilities for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business communities, Zoom, and Telegram.
  • General enhancements include an improved interface and additional access rights during extractions via the checkm8 vulnerability.

  • Memory Card Dumps: Save to E01 format.

Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor

  • WhatsApp: Extract polls using the QR Multi-Device service.
  • Steam: Extract private and group chats, authorize via QR code.
  • Google Services & Others: New authorization algorithm, updates for OnlyFans and My Parrot Cloud.
  • Telegram: Enhanced parsing for better chat visualization.

Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout

Search & Filters: Search plaintext files by file signature, new application filters.

Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux: Extract various data (e.g., installed apps, packages, torrent client data, browser passwords, and specific app data like Microsoft Defender, Apple Weather, Spark, and NordVPN).

Application Updates: Improved data extraction for Facebook Messenger, Mail, Calendar, AnyDesk, and Opera.

Facial Categorization:

File Selection: Ability to select specific files for facial categorization.


New Languages: Support added for Romanian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, Urdu, Nepali, and Hebrew.


New Import Capabilities: Import and parse X (Twitter) archives, ULog logs of PX4-based drones, and physical dumps from specific Android chipsets.
Updated Support: Improved import for Instagram account copies and UFDR files.


  • Report Splitting: Split XLS and XLSX reports by size or number of entries.
  • Data Grouping: Group Faces section data by various criteria.


  • Data Parsing: Support for over 600 new app versions, with a total of over 46,200 versions supported.
  • OS Artifacts: Parsing SD card files, keyboard activity, and Control Center activity from iOS devices.
  • Messengers & Social Networks: Updated parsing for various apps including Element, Signal, WeChat, X (Twitter), Facebook, and BeReal.
  • Web Browser: Updated parsing for Google on Android.
  • Organizers: Updated parsing for Huawei Notes on Android.

How To use Oxygen Forensic 

  1. Launch Software: Open Oxygen Forensic on your computer.
  2. Connect Device: Use a USB cable to connect the mobile device you want to extract data from.
  3. Select Extraction Option: Choose the "Data Extraction" or similar option in the software interface.
  4. Choose Method: Select the extraction method based on device status (locked, encrypted, etc.).
  5. Follow Instructions: Follow on-screen prompts to confirm device details and select data types to extract.
  6. Initiate Extraction: Start the extraction process by clicking "Start" or "Extract".
  7. Monitor Progress: Watch the software extract data; this may take some time depending on data volume.
  8. Review Data: Once extraction is complete, review the extracted data within the software.
  9. Save or Export: Save or export the data for further analysis and investigation.
  10. Disconnect Device: Safely disconnect the mobile device from your computer.


Oxygen Forensic software stands as a powerful tool for extracting and analyzing data from mobile devices, crucially supporting law enforcement, military, and corporate security professionals in digital forensics investigations. Its comprehensive features enable extraction from a wide range of devices and cloud services, coupled with advanced analysis and reporting tools that enhance investigative efficiency and accuracy. With continuous updates and enhancements, Oxygen Forensic remains at the forefront of digital forensics technology, empowering users to uncover critical evidence and insights from mobile data securely and effectively.

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