TFM Tool Pro QC V2.1.0 Latest Update 2024

TFM Tool Pro QC V2.1.0 Latest Update 2024,TFM Tool Pro QC,unlock tool

TFM Tool Pro QC V2.1.0 Latest Update 2024

The TFT Tool QC Module has been updated to the latest version, offering support for more models. You can find the complete list of supported models in the changelog section. Note that the tool comes with a paid version, which requires you to purchase or activate an account to perform any operations on your device. However, this update does not include support for the SDM425 processor. The tool does not mention support for the OPPO A3S or other models using the SDM425 processor, but we expect this to be addressed in the next update.

TFM Tool Pro QC V2.1.0 Latest Update 2024

Key Points About the Update:

  • New Model Support: The update brings support for more devices, expanding the tool's usability.
  • Paid Version: To utilize the tool for any operations on a device, users must purchase or activate an account.
  • SDM425 Processor: Despite the updates, the tool does not currently support devices with the SDM425 processor, such as the OPPO A3S. Support for these models may be included in future updates.

This tool is part of a category of professional software used for tasks like unlocking, flashing, and repairing various smartphone models. Users rely on such tools for handling a wide range of issues that might not be solvable through standard consumer-level software.

The TFM Tool Pro QC V2.1.0 update, released on June 23, 2024, includes a range of features aimed at enhancing its utility for mobile phone repair and maintenance professionals. Here are the detailed features of this latest update:


  • Latest All Vivo Model Support: Supports the latest Vivo models, ensuring compatibility with new devices.
  • Single Program Flasher: Allows flashing firmware on a single program, useful for targeted updates or repairs.
  • Multi-Program Flasher: Enables flashing firmware on multiple programs simultaneously, which can save time and streamline the process.
  • Read Info: Reads and displays detailed information about the device, such as model number, firmware version, and hardware details.
  • Factory Reset: Resets the gadget to its factory settings, erasing all user data and settings.
  • Reset FRP (Factory Reset Protection): Resets the FRP lock, which can be essential when the device is locked due to a forgotten Google account.
  • Read Pattern/Password: Reads and retrieves the pattern or password used to lock the device, aiding in unlocking.
  • Backup EFS/Restore EFS: Backs up the EFS (Encrypted File System) partition, which contains important device-specific information such as IMEI and radio settings. It also allows restoring this partition.
  • Reset EFS: Resets the EFS partition, which can be necessary in cases of corruption or issues related to network connectivity.
  • Reset User Locks (Vivo) (Old Model): Resets user locks on older Vivo models, facilitating access to devices that may still be in use.
  • Reset Mi Accounts: Resets Mi accounts, which can help in unlocking devices tied to specific Xiaomi accounts.
  • Backup QCN/Restore QCN: Backs up and restores the QCN (Qualcomm Calibration Network) file, which contains calibration data for the device's modem. This is crucial for ensuring proper network functionality after firmware updates or repairs.

This update ensures that professionals using the TFM Tool Pro QC have the latest capabilities to support new devices and perform various essential operations efficiently.

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The TFM Tool Pro QC V2.1.0 update significantly enhances the tool's functionality by adding support for more models and including a range of powerful features aimed at mobile phone repair and maintenance professionals. While the update does not yet include support for devices with the SDM425 processor, such as the OPPO A3S, this is expected to be addressed in future updates. By providing essential tools for tasks like flashing, resetting, and unlocking various smartphone models, the TFM Tool Pro QC continues to be an invaluable resource for professionals in the industry.

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